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Backup and Disaster Recovery

"At Shiloh Service, we know that the only real
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Protecting More Than
 Your Data:

Work with Shiloh to protect your investment in hardware, software, and peripherals.

Our Maintenance Plans protect you from the unexpected expense of equipment failure, viruses, and more.

  • On-site maintenance and diagnostics suited to your needs

  • One hour phone response from your Shiloh technician

  • On-site response within eight business hours

  • Instantaneous network phone support from your Shiloh network engineer

  • Priority four hour on-site response for network servers

  • Free loaner equipment 


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What Can Lost Data Cost You?

Even a small amount of lost data can cost you real money.  What if your accounting records for the last two weeks suddenly vanished.  Even going back to an old archive file still leaves you with a hefty cost to recreate the missing entries.  Now you have to pay for computer repairs and extra personnel hours!

Over the years, computers have become more reliable, and  it might seem concerns about backups are a thing of the past.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Your data is at risk from every quarter.

  • Files that are accidentally deleted or "saved over."
  • Data corruption, including Windows registry problems.
  • Hard drive failures.
  • Physical disasters (fires, floods, and storms).
  • Equipment theft.
  • Zero day viruses (that exploit a previously unknown weakness in computers and anti-virus systems)

Contact us today and work with Shiloh to find the right backup solution for your needs.

Which Backup Option is Right for Your Business?

Economical, but Slow (Good)

A standard tape backup system is a good foundational step for disaster recovery. Tape media is long-lived and provides for both backup and offsite archiving of data. Tape backups are economical, even for the smallest companies. Tape's most significant drawback is recovery time. In the event of a significant loss of data, it could take days to get your business up and running again.

Quick Recovery (Better)

Significantly faster is a backup system which goes hard drive to hard drive, and then to tape. Software like Symatec's Backup Exec (a Windows Server solution) can make even the redeployment of installed software packages a breeze. After a disk to disk backup, the tape component maintains the long-life and archiving ability tape is famous for. When considered all together, this backup scheme reduces days of recovery to mere hours.

Immediate Recovery (Best)

A redundant server (especially when placed off site) reduces downtime in the event of a disaster to the lowest possible minimum. It's almost like having a duplicate office waiting in the wings. Redundant server backups have two downsides. If the duplicate server is off-site (providing the best protection), then it is limited by the broadband service speeds in your area. Secondly, the cost of a redundant server option often makes this solution impractical for small and mid-size businesses.


At Shiloh Service, we recommend the Quick Recovery option whenever possible. It's easy to forget how valuable time and data are to your business. In today's world, everything from client data to major portions of project deliverables are digital. When computers go down and data is lost, the cost of lost production in days and hours can easily exceed the insurance of having reliable backups and archives on which to call.


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